Just Imagine

Imagine being unstoppable and fully tapped into the limitless power within you. You are now connected to the present moment. You show up just as you are in the world. People see your earth shattering transformation and can’t help but ask what shifted for you. You have woven your new story into the fabric of creation. All of the limiting beliefs that once chained you back from being your extraordinary self have been unshackled from your mind. Your story has been rewritten.

Millions of people are already living life this way. On their terms, not by a story of who they “have to be” to please everyone else. If you’re ready for some deep self-work that will permanently change your life for the better, this is for you. Unwritten is your missing link from who you are now, to who you are becoming.

For the next 7 weeks you will be traveling beyond time and space to unwrite what has been keeping you stuck in an old story. You will be working through 35 exercises to acknowledge old thought patterns and emotional restrictions that block you from physically living the life you desire. This course will shift your views to discover the infinite possibilities of living your life to your utmost potential. You’re saying YES to you, which is saying YES to your life.

Course Break Down

Week 1

Exploring and Understanding Your Story

Affirmations For Your Transformation

Ask And You Shall Receive

Mastering Your Morning Ritual

Living In The Moment

Week 2

Mirror Mirror On The Wall  Tell Me All

Transcending Your Inner Critic

Comfort Zone Chaos

You’re A Gift To This World

Cultivating Your Sacred Space

Week 3

Connecting With Your Inner Child

Tying The Loose Ends

The  Deadliest Emotion

Healing Wounds From Your Childhood

Understanding What Triggers You

Week 4

Having Requirements For Your Life

Bottom Line List Review

Bottom Line List Consequences

Connect to Your Past, Present, & Future Self

Looking Without To Bring It Within

Week 5

Shed The Shame Of Who You Are And What They Say

Connecting The Dots

Celebrate What Is Showing Up

Enjoy The  Journey – It’s All A Journey

Shattering Your Limiting Beliefs

Week 6

Change Your Words, Change Your Story

The Two Most Powerful Words

How Does It Get Any Better Than This

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

In Other News Not The News

Week 7

Getting Committed But Not Attached

Connecting On A Personal Level

Your Next Action Steps

An Attitude Of Gratitude

Celebrating You

7 Videos

Weekly Videos to Introduce The Weeks Topics

35 Lessons

Daily Exercises To Create Effective Habbits

FB Group

Interact with Like Minded Individuals

7 video lessons:  Each video will highlight the specific days teachings and give you a guide on connecting it to your everyday life.

35 Course Lessons: You will have 35 clear cut tools that we use everyday that have precisely transformed our lives and will abundantly change and enhance yours.

Questions That Dive Deep Into The Story You Have Now & The Story You Will Be Creating Instead These thoughtfully crafted questions will connect you to designing your new story and help you live into that. They will take you from where you are now, to where you desire to be and you will have the action steps necessary to go and implement those changes in your life.

Back Office Discussions, Questions & Comments:  You will have a community of people just like you, who have taken the course and are going through lessons as you are, to share about the situations you are going through and you both can share thoughts and what is coming up in your life right now. This is a place to share the incredible breakthroughs you are going through and the new life you are creating for yourself.

Your Investment

$222 Course Price / 35 Days Worth Of Content = $6.34 A DAY

You can direct that energy into creating the life you have always wanted and take this next 7 week journey with us to expand your growth and transform your life for the same price of…

A Coffee

A Drink At The Bar

A Movie Ticket

You Can Afford To Transform Your life!

Money Back Guarantee

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee If You are Unsatisfied With The Course For Any Reason. No Questions Asked.


What Others Are Saying


“I had the opportunity to receive a pre-launch look at the Unwritten course designed by Brie and Griselda and all I can say is wow! It is such an honor to witness all this beautiful wisdom be birthed into the world at a time when it is needed more than ever.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this life changing program that encompasses what has taken others years upon years and thousands of dollars to ascertain.  This will undoubtedly transform the way you show up in the world, leading with heart and rooted in your power.”

– Carmin Caterina (Creator of Lessons For My Daughters)

“Wow… is all I can say for this course.screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-19-14-am

As being a part of select group of individuals that was honored to receive the opportunity to take this course (pre-release).

The information provided within this course will have an impact on your life that one cannot just tell you, it must be experienced. I highly suggest that if interested.. STOP thinking about it and just sign up. I believe you will do what you feel is right for you as I did for me in taking this course.”

– Denzel White (Creator of Omega Nu Co-Ed Fraternity)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Receive When I Buy The Course?

You will have access to all 7 weeks of the course and be sent a Facebook link where all the other Unwritters are located.  There will be discussions and videos for deeper processing of what you may be going through on your journey. You will have instant contact to Brie & Griselda throughout the course if any situations come up and you need guidance.

What Am I Expected To Gain When Finished With The Course?

YOU, YOUR LIFE & THE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! Within the first week you will see massive changes in your daily routine.  By the middle of the course you will have let go of certain things that have held you stuck for so long and you will be living in a completely new world.  By the last day of the course, your life will be fully transformed in a way where you will look back 7 weeks ago and wonder who that person even was.

Why Do I Have To Complete The Course In Order

All of the lessons were carefully created and placed in a particular order so that the course content is clear. It is important to really sit with everything and not rush through the course so you can fully embody each lesson.  While each lesson gets engrained into your being, there must be a process first of unraveling certain areas before going into deeper concepts.  We have put the course in a order that helped us along our journey that created a better flow.  Also it creates accountability and ensures you understand all of the lessons.

Who Are We

Brie Marie is a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Transparency Coach.  She studied at University of Metaphysics and received her Bachelors Degree.  Realizing that her true path was to help people through, the sometimes intense, process of spiritual awakening she decided to follow her calling and leave her position as a childcare provider at Hanscom Air Force Base.  Brie then began a video blog via Instagram @AwakeAliveAware, documenting her own personal journey with the intent of allowing her viewers to feel less alone as many of them also found themselves with a vastly different view of the world.  She focuses on various contemplative questions like “what is our true purpose on Earth?” in addition to inspiring her followers to rediscover the power they have always had over their own lives.  Brie creates a safe place for other to share their life story and get right down to the truth and rawness of the situation so they can share their message with the world. She provides intuitive readings, coaching and overall guidance on shifting consciousness and embodying their message to share with humanity.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.41.53 AMGriselda (Ella Eats) is an International Author and Empowerment Coach who helps inspire people to live life on their terms. She graduated from the College of Business from the University of Michigan – Dearborn. After a year of working in the corporate world for an Automotive Advertising Company, she left her job to go on a quest to “find herself”…only to find that everything she wanted to find actually lives inside of us all. Griselda lived in Thailand for 7 months. This is where she discovered that she wanted to empower others through her own experiences to guide people in the direction of creating life on their own terms. Griselda has been Inspiring others on social media since 2012 with the growth of her Twitter account @EllaEats. She focuses on esoteric and practical techniques to share the secrets of how life works. Through her studies and practices. She believes that life is similar to a computer. The more you understand it and how it functions, then you can use it to better serve you.  She teaches her findings in small bite sized concepts that are clear and easy to understand and implement to make everyday life a little easier and a lot more happier.